Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Slithering and Faking

During a rather spirited discussion, I had some accusations leveled at me that brought to mind an episode of one of the greatest TV promgrams evah!

John Steed had been shot in the chest, but sat himself up, reached into his inside pocket to show that a silver cigarette case had deflected the bullet. He then said something like...

"I don't smoke myself you understand, but always carry some cigarettes for my friends that do."

No, this isn't just a terrible line to explain why a non-smoker would have a silver cigarette case, that really is the kind of thing a gentleman would do, and Steed isn't nothing if not the consumate gentleman.

BTW - I don't pretend I could ever measure up to Steeds Standards! But I do try to be gentile, set people at ease and be good company. Being foul mouthed and telling dirty jokes does that far better than putting on airs and graces. Although I like to think I can provide intellegent conversation to those that enjoy it.

Anyway, it is not 'slithering' my way through life. And it's not an act -- it's a role. My blouse buttons up over many responsibilities, and I have to play many roles... daughter, mother, wife, boss, friend -- we all do it. I have to act differently in each role, but in each I can be true to myself and my values.

I may find myself discussing the trade union movement in Canada one moment, and talking about pouty piss-flaps the next. I'm pretty sure I can do both without being a fake.

More importantly, for the record... If I do turn on the charm, If I am throwing compliments in someone's direction, I may well be making a deliberate attempt to make them feel good, but I'm only ever sincere in what I say. I'm a soft-soap free zone.

I admit, if I am flattering someone, it may mean I want something! ;-)
But I pay my way, and I always try to give more than I take. If anybody really feels like I have short changed them, I'd really like to here about it. I make a point of admitting when I'm wrong and putting things right.

Still Smitten with Mrs Peel